Testimonials by YourTeamNews clients:

You do an exceptional job on all of these e-newsletters and I'm so thrilled with them all, but this one is exceptionally fabulous -- thank you!! Some calls to action, a link to a video, really wonderful layout and design....I'm so impressed and grateful!

I want to thank you for such a good job on these.  I get a response EVERY MONTH after sending this out.  It is very well done! Thanks!

LOVE these.  They have helped me bridge the gap of communication with my clients and prospects. 

I just wanted to let you know what a great idea this is...and what a helpful business tool.

I love getting these monthly and forwarding them to my customers.  I also like how easy they are to put up on facebook.  Thanks for your hard work.

You and your team ROCK!!! You make us gals look good! And you also take a lot of pressure off of us on marketing the products! Thank you!!!! WE appreciate you!

This E-zine is just fabulous.  Seriously, they just get better and better. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and your talent.

These ezines are always beautiful and so professional. It's so helpful for my business. Thank you for your great customer service.

THANK YOU SOO MUCH... I wish all consultants would take advantage of your AWESOME service... You totally watch for all marketing opportunity, prep them all nice and pretty for me to spread the good news. THANK YOU!!

I want to thank you for putting out such a professional, thorough enewsletter each month. I love your product and receive comments from customers/business partners.

Thanks for providing this service for us.

I know that I have had, at least, $1000 in sales from that newsletter. The response has been extremely positive. I cannot wait for July's edition! I am one of the many aspiring VP's! With your incredible tool, I can keep my clients abreast of the latest and greatest with [your company here]. Thank you for the service you provide! It is awesome!

Just to let you know, I have already had sales and new consultants as a result of the June ezine! Love it!

They keep getting better and better -- and I find that hard to believe bc every time a new one comes out I LOVE IT and think it can't be outdone! :)

Thank you for making this available to us! It is SO valuable to my business and appreciated by myself and my clients.

I'm so excited - I've already put the newsletter into constant contact and sent it out! You have no idea how much time I had previously spent trying to do this! I can hardly wait until next month - you've saved me hours in advance! THANK YOU!

Thanks so much –I just set up a Detox party for January and this is purrfect!!! The December postcard was just as awesome. And, I have several orders this month already, due to the ezine.

Our team is so excited to have this service!! I spend HOURS every month creating a newsletter in Word doc. So Bless you!!!!! This is awesome!

WOWWWWW. Given my marketing background (a long, long time ago), this ezine brought tears to my eyes. Really!!! While I don't have the computer savvy nor software to pull this type of promotional material together so professionally, I do know effective advertising/marketing when I see it!

I have already gotten a renewal just from sending out the ezine. They lapsed, didn't know and tried to order. So that is good!

Thank you for a great tool!

I must say again, it is truly a brilliant idea!! I have been cutting and pasting product pictures and monthly special information into a word document and doing a really BAD job of sending out a monthly newsletter to my customers – you would laugh!! When I heard about your service I was SOOOO thrilled!! It is MUCH MUCH more professional than anything I could do, and one less thing on my forever growing list!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I am particularly interested in educating my customers about the importance of being proactive in their health and the health of their family. I have found when I have tried to put a flyer together, it takes me way too much time and by the time I am done the month is just about over and or the holiday is past.

My previous position was in Marketing and PR and I have been looking for a service like this for my [your company here] business. I just happened to receive a flyer with your information on it and I am so thankful that I found you.

I just ran across one of your ezines. I LOVE THEM!!! You are doing an awesome job.

I just wanted to first thank you for all your hard work in putting together the EZine for our [your company here] teams! I am so, so excited to see how it affects our businesses.

I am so excited to see it. You all did an awesome job and our teams are very lucky and thankful to have the ezine!

Thank you. I love the ezine and cannot wait for my entire downline to see it.

I definitely think our customers will get an education on what [your company here] has to offer and why it is important to supplement daily... I also love the autoship info and links to read more. The Australia info is awesome- they definitely are asked if they know anyone in that country and involves them in the launch. The June specials will get them interested in additional products.

Looks great! I'm a graphic designer too--just LOVE that I don't have to take the time away from my [your company here] biz now! You're a blessing! Thank you!!

I know I've said it before and just want you to know how much I appreciate the Ezine that you put together for our team. It is incredible! The October edition looks fantastic.

Thanks so much for the interactive version of the ezine--it was so easy to read and print out! You are doing a fabulous job with this. Thank you!

I have already sent out the October Ezine to my customers…I had a customer call me the day I sent it out to make arrangements to place an order! She was very impressed by the flyer! Thanks for everything!

I hope we meet someday. It is people like you that make me proud of being part of [your company here].

The newsletter is working very well in my organization; people are placing orders that have had "0" for a long time. Thanks for the great work that is being done to put it together and for your wonderful support.

I woke up this morning to another order... thanks to my ezine!

…as usual, you went above and beyond in providing our readers with the best information possible.

You do such a nice job every month... great research and good reinforcement of why OUR products are superior. Thank you for doing this for me... I know I look good sending it out!

I really think you do a great job with these newsletters. June was my first month but I am very happy that I subscribed! You save me and everyone on my team so much time!!!

Thanks for all you do, very impressed with your customer service

I like that your e-zine has added value because it includes information other than JUST the info in our company magazine provides. Most of my clients are w/s buyers, I like that this has additional information they can read and learn and maybe entice them to take a closer look!