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Build relationships and keep your shoppers and clients up to date on the latest news, products, gift ideas and essentials. Promotes your web site and links customers directly to your site (optional) so they can begin shopping.

Please note: Each ezine is designed specifically for you and passed by compliance. Any alterations to the ezine content, altering the name on the ezine or selling the ezine is non-compliant and prohibited. This ezine is intended as a vehicle for regular communication between consultants and clients. It is an excellent source of product awareness and information, it should be used as a monthly reminder and introduction to personal customer contact, and not regarded as the primary method for sales. 

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What $10/month will get you

  1. Monthly Ezine customized with your information to send to your shoppers, clients, and prospects. Custom links throughout the ezine to direct shoppers to your shop online. If you don't have a website that is ok, we can just link to corporate site. You can add your personal photo for $2 extra.
  2. A tax write off! Yes, this would be considered a business expense, so keep a copy of your order.
  3. Referral Program: Refer a friend to the ezine and refer one month free, it is unlimited! Refer as many people as you like and receive free months!
"Time invested in one area is time AWAY from something else."

Let us save you time and design an e-zine (electronic newsletter) for you that includes company products, promotions/ordering specials, reminders about consultant privileges, health and wellness and more!

Affordable - $10 monthly flat fee! No printing, copying, mailing or labeling! It's electronic! We send it to you via email and you hit FORWARD! Voila - DONE! Reminder: We have kept the costs to a bare minimum so everyone can take advantage of the ezine. Please respect the honor system and my business and do not manipulate the ezine of another person or "pass" it around to sideline etc etc. Want your ezine for free? For each referral you earn a free month, this is unlimited!!!

Create a loyal and educated product user and even spark interest in the business!! Sign up for the best "custom*" $10/month ezine around! That is just 33 cents per day! Not a bad price to generate sales, leads and possible business builders. Have you spent endless hours trying to create your own HTML Newsletter? Let us do it for you! There is no work on your part, your ezine will be sent to you each month, customized with your information (up to 9 lines)...ready for you to email.

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Mail out date: The ezine is sent to compliance each month and once it is approved we pass it on as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding, our goal is to get it to you as soon as we can.

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More Questions about this service?

What is an Ezine?

This is a monthly e-newsletter to keep your consultants and clients updated and aware of all that your company has to offer.

How do I take advantage of it right away?

Simply click here.

This is only $10 per month! You will have the ezine emailed to you so you can immediately forward to your business partners and consultants/clients.

What is the purpose?

Our goal is to build a network of passionate, educated, and loyal consumers. Through education, we want to help them associate your company with looking great and feeling great. You know your business is working when you see the consultants in your successline ordering on a regular basis; this is our goal.

Why are you billing me quarterly instead of monthly?

Due to the small amount, we bill quarterly, rather than month-by-month. Billing occurs immediately when you enroll, then 90 days later, etc. Subscriptions are quarterly and you must email me 2 days before the 1st of the month to cancel.

Can I upload to my MailChimp or Constant Contact account?

Yes, we have detailed instructions that make it so easy to follow! Email me to find out how.