Instructions to upload your ezine to Constant Contact

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Open your ezine in your email and follow these easy steps:
  1. At the top of the ezine, click on the link that says "To view this email as a web page, click here"
  2. Once it opens as a webpage, go to the body of the EMAIL (white space), not the address bar, but to the right of the ezine in the white space.
  3. Right click.
  4. Click on View Source.
  5. You will see a bunch of HTML that will open up in a notepad, copy all of that. Or save the note pad so you can open it later.
Log into Constant Contact.
  1. Create an Email- Next
  2. Enter Email Name- Next
  3. Under Template Selection: click on "use my own code" (at the bottom)- Next
  4. Email Format: HTML- Next
  5. On the left click on Advanced Editor.
  6. You will see a box that has HTML code.
  7. Delete the existing code
  8. Paste the HTML code that you saved in the notepad in this box.
  9. Change your subject line
  10. Click Save & Return
  11. Click Preview and you can send a test version.